Schüler des JBG beim BR

Ende September waren drei Schülerinnen und ein Schüler aus der 10. Jahrgangsstufe zusammen mit 45 anderen Schülerinnen und Schülern aus ganz Bayern eine Woche lang beim Videocamp "CamOn" des Bayerischen Rundfunks. Das Thema lautete "Toleranz". Die ganze Aktion sowie einen Link zu den entstandenen Filmen findet ihr unter

Herzlicher Empfang für unsere 1. Austauschgruppe nach USA

Borough Hall reception with Mayor Speck klein

Liebe Eltern, Dear Parents,

The first day is history as I write this to you.  All of our German guests were in school today, jet-lagged as they were, after a long journey with extra time in immigration and on the commute back to Phoenixville due to the traffic yesterday.

Everyone arrived just before 5 in the International Hall at Philadelphia Airport, where we welcomed them with a delegation of the American host families.  (Picture attached).  Then we struggled through rush hour traffic, to arrive at the High School by 6:45 or so.  A wonderful spread of goodies, including pizza, salad, cookies and cupcakes, awaited us prepared by the moms of the hosts.  Thank you to all – it was very much appreciated by all!

Most of the students I asked today said, they woke up quite early, but were able to go back to sleep.  After a long school day, they all gathered in my room, hosts and guests plus the 8th grade ambassadors, the Germans changed into their Bavarian attire of Dirndl and Lederhosen, and we walked to the mayor’s office.  He welcomed us at 3:30 in his building, where he gave us a tour and introduced us to the top borough officials, like the police chief, the borough manager, and some of the workers.  In the council chamber the German guests sat in the council members’ armchairs, representing the president, the mayor, the police chief and other council members.  Mayor Michael Speck gave us an overview of what he does and what is interesting in a small town from his perspective, as did the Chief of Police Mossman.

At the end, Mr. Speck presented us with a proclamation in honor of this first visit of a German exchange group.

Students then proceeded on an hour-long walking tour of the town, before breaking by 5:30 to go home or go to eat.  By 6:15 we met back at the HS stadium to witness the senior night performance of the Phantom Marching Band show and the Football game.

We said good-bye on the side of the game in the bleachers, wishing each other a wonderful weekend with our host families! 

See you all on Monday!

Herzliche Grüße an alle,

JTine Tavani

Christine Tavani

German and Theatre Arts Teacher

Phoenixville Area High School

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